When you turn 18 yrs old or live to be 100 yrs old, the doctors, nurses, and therapists who provide yo healthcare when you need it must know in ADVANCE who to call if something happens to you and yo cannot speak for yourself.

If you or someone you know cannot breath, is in pain, homeless, dealing with addiction to alcohol or drugs, is a danger to themselves or others, please contact us. We will help you and/or the person you are concerned about complete an Advanced Directive Card.

The Advance Directive Notification Card is like a CPR card but you are not the one providing a life-saving medical procedure; you are the person receiving CPR. If the person you are concerned about does not respond to you when you call their name, call 911.

Get involved. Save a life. Call the Healthcare Hotline or complete the online form so one of our Counselors or Dr Sullivan can call you back.


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