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What happens once I sign up?

A virtual assistant is immediately assigned to you. You can instantly log onto your account and start submitting your tasks.

Are there any hidden charges?

Ascentigo Business Solutions strictly believes in transparency in pricing.

Do I need to sign a contract?

There is no need to sign any contract. Once you choose your plan, you can start immediately.

How will my assistant introduce himself / herself?

Our virtual assistants will introduce themselves as your representatives in all correspondence. If you wish otherwise, you can give specifications while assigning any task. Our virtual assistants will follow every instruction of yours.

Will my assistant work through the weekend?

Yes! We work round the clock. Once you delegate your task to Ascentigo, just lay back and enjoy your weekend without any worries!

Where will my virtual assistant be located?

We are located across the world. However, our location is never a concern as our assistant will be your virtual shadow and will handle all the assigned tasks with the utmost professionalism.

Will my virtual assistant go on a holiday?

At Ascentigo, our team works throughout the year without a break! We ensure that the assigned work is finished within the specified time, without a hitch.

Which parts of the globe is the service available?

Currently, Our services are available in Australia, the United States of America, Great Britain and India. We are expanding at a rapid pace and will soon be able to provide services across the world.

What can my virtual assistant do for me?

Your virtual assistant can handle any job that does not require your physical presence. Read list of services on our website to know more.

How secure are my personal/financial details with my virtual assistant?

Your information is precious to us and will be secured with high priority. Your passwords and bank details are accepted by our specialised system through an extremely secure channel. Contact your Ascentigo Business Solutions virtual assistant to know more.

Can my assistant work for me even if I am in a different country?

Yes, you can delegate the task and go on your vacation. Our virtual assistant will ensure that all your tasks are completed at your desired time and location before you return home.

Can I ask for a specific assistant every time?

At Ascentigo, we hire highly skilled teams after a stringent selection process. All our assistants are equally capable of handling your assigned task in the best possible manner. However, you could place a specific request and if it is viable, we will try and accommodate the same for you.

Can I assign repetitive tasks?

Yes, you have the complete freedom to assign the same tasks to your virtual assistant. Ascentigo will ensure that your work is carried out with the utmost efficiency whether it is one-time or repetitive.

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